Virtual Programs

Virtual Field Trips

Can’t take a field trip or host an on-site FORE program? No problem!

FORE can work with you to design a virtual field trip at a local creek or pond that students and adults alike will love! Cost varies from $50-$100, according to the length of the program and the subject matter.

Reduced or free programs are available for economically disadvantaged schools or groups!

Program availability may vary according to season.

Contact Nick Callahan at 513-231-7719 (ext. 102) for more details!

Virtual Field Trip Subjects

Creek Health 

Conduct a health assessment on a local creek by testing oxygen, pH, temperature and turbidity.

Creek Critters 

Come along as we turn over rocks to find and identify common creek critters called macroinvertebrates!

Pond Critters

Learn about the common critters that call the calm waters of ponds and lakes home!


Go under the surface and under the microscope to learn about algae and zooplankton that make up the foundation of any aquatic ecosystem!